ChanScan is a slick browser specifically designed for viewing imageboards (i.e 4chan, 2 chan, etc).

With a streamlined interface intelligently designed to get you where you want to be within a few taps.

Browsing your favorite imageboard has never been easier.

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  • Intuitive One-Touch Interface

    Flick between different threads, boards, and even pages.

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  • Download All Images

    Imageboards are filled with images, might as well make it easy to save em all. Just download them all at once.

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  • Supported Boards

    ChanScan has a ton of default boards supported. If you want a particular one, just email us and we'll get it in asap.

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  • Add Your Own Boards

    The board list is loaded from an XML file. A default is provided, but you could roll your own as well.

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  • Gallery View

    A built in gallery view specially made for imageboards lets you flick through all the images in a thread with ease.

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an Imageboard Browser by HexDojo

ChanScan Launcher Icon

Have imageboards at your fingertips with ChanScan by HexDojo. Select from a constantly growing number of boards to explore. Flick yout way through threads. Open up every image within the thread with the built-in gallery. You could even download all the images in a thread to your SD Card. Posting is no problem (captchas either).

Deep Board Support

ChanScan is compatible with all of the major imageboard software packages, which means if enough people tell us, we'll add it to the default list. If you have private board or are a real big fan of an obscure one, you can create your down board list and point ChanScan to it in the preferences. All you need to do is provide the right data in an XML file.

Current Default Board List

  • 4chan
  • 4chan Archive
  • 420chan
  • 7chan
  • 2chan (Japanese)
  • OPERATORchan
  • iChan
  • fChan

Creating your own XML file.

The default one used by ChanScan can be found here. If you want need support or you just want to suggest a board to add, use the contact form below.


Imageboard Selection

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Thread Viewing

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Image Gallery and Viewer

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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions we get.

Click on the title to expand.

How much is this cool app?

ChanScan's original price is $3.99 USD. That includes all future feature additions, updates, and additional boards added.

Do you guys update this often?

ChanScan will be constantly updated with new boards and features. Fortunately adding new boards does not require you to update the actual software (the latest board list is automatically downloaded off of our servers everytime you open the app), so no annoying "You need to Update to continue." messages.

Which phones are compatible?

ChanScan is made for Android 2.2 or newer. It will not work with 2.1 or older. Almost all Android phones sold today are compatible, but feel free to contact us to make sure.

I made my own XML board list, can I share it with others?

Absolutely. Actually, we'd also like to hear about it.

Everytime I try posting on 2chan, the post never shows up. What am I doing wrong?

Posting to 2chan is limited only to IP's originating in Japan. If you aren't in Japan, you're probably out of luck. If you really want to post, you'll need to set up a proxy located in Japan and forward all of your data through it (doing this is not a service HexDojo provides, are even encourages).

More questions?

Is your question not listed here? Head on down to our Contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.






Other Info

E-mail: devs@hexdojo.com

Address: Chicago, IL USA